Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Trees that are well cared for are appealing to the eyes and adds value to your property. Trimming of trees requires the right skill and equipment. While it might be tempting to trim your tree yourself, you might end up damaging your property, especially if the tree is anywhere close to the building. To eliminate this risk, you need the services of a professional with a rich understanding of how to trim a tree without stunting the tree growth or damaging your building. Sure Trim has experienced arborists that can safely trim and pruning a tree professionally.

Benefits of Trimming Your Trees

  • Gives your tree an excellent shape, and your property an aesthetic curb appeal
  • Improves sunlight and air penetration on your property
  • Keeps the tree healthy and pest-free
  • Protects the tree from high winds and storm impacts
  • Prevents the potential hazard caused by large extended branches

Tree Care and Maintenance

There is always a need to retain the beauty and health of your trees. Our tree care and maintenance service provide routine tree care to uphold the natural appeal of the trees on your property. Sure Trim will help you improve the appearance of your trees, as well as maintain and enhance the value of your property.

We offer:

  • General tree care to help control pest and diseases
  • Preventive maintenance to avoid potential damage of your property

Post-Storm Tree Debris Cleanup

Sometimes, trimming the tree is not ideal, especially if the tree is way damaged by severe storms or hurricanes. If the trees on your property are broken, damaged, and in a not-so-safe distance from a structure, then you should consider eradicating the tree. Severe weather compromises tree branches and root systems which may lead to it leaning or falling onto a structure or onto your property. Even a healthy tree that leans toward your building is a significant threat. If you need to access what risk any tree on your property possess, or you wish to remove a tree from your property, then you can come to us.
Sure Trim will assess the situation and give the best solution to keep your property safe and neat. We offer standard and safe tree removal services; technical and challenging tree removals with cranes, as well as removal of stumps in the safest and eco-friendly manner possible.

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